ThEraform screws provide higher pull-out resistance, improve ergonomics and avoid deformation of plastic bosses, greatly enhancing the technical properties of self-tapping screws.

These advantages are obtained thanks to a combination of technical features specifically designed for plastic assemblies.

ThEraform screws are recommended for assemblies of thermoplastics materials with a bending modulus between 500 and 30.000 kg/cm2.

• Less radial tension of plastic. It allows for bosses with smaller diameter and reduces the problem of boss bursting.

• Quick alignment of the screw before screwing in, thus reducing assembly time.

• Lower thread forming torque, which provides a more ergonomic assembly.

• More resistant to pull-out and stripping, which enables its use in assemblies with high pull-out resistance and/or compression requirements.

• The increased contact surface between threads and nut member improves vibration loosening resistance.

• Screws can be reused with a reduced risk of stripping.

All of these benefits together provide a more resistant assembly, greater safety during threading and lower costs of the assembly process.